Cleaning your carpets on your own can be a tempting way to try and save money. After all, it seems like a fairly straightforward procedure to buy or rent a wet and dry vacuum cleaner and go over it a few times. However, if you want your carpet cleaned thoroughly – not to mention if you want to avoid the tedium of doing this on your own – you should really go with professionals who have special equipment and cleaning solutions that the public does not. Here are some other reasons to have your carpet cleaned regularly and professionally.


  • Prevents mold formation: An unclean, damp carpet provides an ideal environment for mold and other fungal elements to form. Mocarpet cleaningreover, mold can lead to skin allergies, skin infections, etc. A thoroughly – and professionally cleaned – carpet discourages the formation of such dangerous materials. As professionals we have chemicals that are specially designed to destroy fungal contamination.
  • Eliminates odors and smells: We have special products that can eliminate smells and odors that make your business appear unprofessional. Commonly sold commercial products mask smells for a short time but our products eliminate odors at their source – germs.
  • Extends the life of your carpet: Your company’s carpet(s) can cost a substantial sum of money. Naturally, you will want to maintain such an investment for as long as you can. Regular, professional cleaning ensures that your carpet will have a long life and that your customers will be greeted by a clean, hospitable environment.
  • Improves air quality: Microscopic contaminants can escape dirty carpets and decrease air quality. This release can in turn create health problems for both customers and workers. Regular cleaning improves air quality by eliminating these contaminants.
  • Maintains the form: Regular carpet cleaning helps maintain your carpet’s form. Dirt, sand, etc., can distort your carpet’s form and shape. On the other hand, regular cleaning helps to maintain the integrity of your carpet’s fibers.


In short, although the temptation may be great to go it yourself when it comes to cleaning your company’s carpet, you should really have a professional like those at our Inland empire cleaning services do the job for you. This will save you time and effort that you could use to grow your business. We are one of the top commercial cleaning companies in Riverside Ca and are ready to maintain your investment in your company by extending the life and improving the quality of your carpet.