When most people think of air pollution they think of smog, car exhaust and other sources that can be easily seen. However, people with allergies know that air pollution that cannot be seen can be just as problematic as the visible kind. One of the many benefits our clients derive from our services is our clean room cleaning services (HEPA vacuum and wipe down). A HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter is one that traps harmful micro-particles that are not visible but can be just as damaging to health as the obvious sources of pollution. In short, our HEPA vacuum cleaning services in Riverside not only make your business look visibly cleaner, they also clean beneath the surface in a way that matters. This level of cleaning is particularly important in clean room environments and for people who are allergy prone. Here are some facts about HEPA filters as they relate to allergies.

How HEPA filters Work

HEPA filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh that blocks micro-particles such as pollen, dust, mites, etc. Large particles are trapped via a process called inertia impaction and sieving. Medium particles are trapped via interception. Smaller particles collide with a fiber and are trapped in the mesh apparatus. Particle sizes are measured in microns. Below is an example of micron sizes.

Micron Comparison Chart:

Spores: 3 – 40 microns

Mold: 3 – 12 microns

Bacteria: 0.3 – 60 microns

Car emissions: 1 – 150 microns

Pure oxygen: 0.0005 microns

HEPA Facts

  • Standard HVAC filters protect equipment not the environment from allergens: Many people mistakenly overestimate the efficiency of standard HVAC filters. In fact, they trap some dust but do not trap micro-particles to the extent that HEPA filters do. These micro-particles can and do cause suffering among people who are allergy prone.
  • Not all HEPA filters are the same: HEPA air filters are rated for how well they block particles of different sizes. We make sure that our filters can effectively trap even the most minute contaminant.
  • Allergens can hide in places other than the air: Allergens can hide in rugs, drapes, curtains, tabletops etc. This is why we vacuum thoroughly in order to remove the source of allergens and irritants that can contaminate your clean room and exacerbate allergies.

Finally, as one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Riverside CA, we understand a thing or two about cleaning that goes beyond the surface. We sterilize and sanitize in a way that makes equipment and people safe from even the minutest particle.