We’ve written before on this blog about how keeping your workplace clean benefits your business. Among some of the benefits we’ve pointed out in the past are how a clean work place increases productivity and worker morale. Moreover, a clean workplace environment reflects on your company’s image and makes it a safer and healthier place in which to conduct business. But apart from engaging our janitorial cleaning services in Riverside CA, there are many ways to achieve and maintain a clean and healthy workplace. Here are some best practices we recommend for accomplishing this goal.


  • Develop a housekeeping plan: Make it a part of your company’s policy that workers must pick up after themselves on a regular basis, not just before the end of their shifts. Impress upon your regular workers that it is incumbent upon them and not just the janitorial workers to help maintain a clean workplace.
  • Have trash cans within easy reach: Be sure that your workplace has plenty of waste receptacles that are easy for workers to reach. Not doing so may encourage desk clutter and games of trashcan toss.
  • Schedule regular cleaning time: By maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, you will decrease the time and effort it takes to clean up at the end of each day.
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter: Many people bring small trinkets from home and place them around the workplace. This is fine. However, try to set limits on the amount of these kinds of items workers can place around the office.
  • Keep surfaces clean: Floors are one of the things we find need the most attention when it comes to office cleaning in Riverside, CA. Remind workers to clean up any oil, coffee, etc., as soon as they are spilled.
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork: The paperless project states that each office worker uses 10,000 pieces of paper each year. And although paper reports and memos will probably never be completely eliminated, try putting as many things on digital media as possible. This will decrease the amount of clutter that arrives at your desk.


Yes, a clean workplace has many benefits for workers and for business owners alike. However, achieving and maintaining a clean workplace takes a commitment from both. We recommend that you develop a plan that makes your workplace an easier and healthier place for workers and visitors. We’re here to help develop this plan and make sure we stay on top of this headache for you!