According to a recent Harvard study, workplace air quality has a significant effect on productivity. This study concludes that contaminants such as smog, haze and other pollutants can impair neurological functioning in workers. Moreover, the EPA has gone as far as to say that levels of air pollution can be higher in office buildings than it is on the outside. For this reason, it is in the best interest of workers and business owners to find ways to increase air quality for everyone. Airborne contaminants place a great deal of stress on workers as they can even lead to sickness and disease. Our Hepa vacuum cleaning services in Riverside helps businesses maintain healthy air quality levels by neutralizing micro-particles. Here are other ways to improve the air quality within your workplace:


  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter: Our HEPA vacuum filters eliminate common allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites that can re-circulate into the air and make workers and visitors to your business ill. Our janitorial cleaning services Riverside, CA are complete and efficient.
  • Mop floors after vacuuming to remove any remaining contaminants: According to the EPA, 98% of contaminants left behind by vacuuming alone can be eliminated when it is followed up by mopping the affected area. We do HEPA vacuum cleaning and can mop up afterwards to make sure that contaminants do not re-enter the air.
  • Replace furnace filters frequently: If the contaminants that are trapped by furnace filters are not removed they can re-enter the air in your office. Therefore, inspect and replace your filters often to prevent gas build-up/discharge.
  • Also try to keep the thermostat down: Changing the temperature often in your office can cause mold to grow and cause condensation.
  • Do not block air vents or grilles: Blocking vents and grills can cause an HVAC unbalance which can affect office air quality. Be sure that you move furniture, boxes and other materials as far from vents as possible in order to keep the air circulating.
  • Dispose of garbage promptly and properly: Empty garbage on a daily basis in order to prevent unpleasant odors and biological contamination.

Finally, there are many sources of additional information on how workers and owners can improve air quality and thus improve overall workplace productivity. The EPA itself has suggestions that are both practical and easy to implement. Let our services help you to create a clean, safe and productive workplace.