Our grandparents knew something that we are only now getting back to. Cleaning with environmentally friendly products can be as effective as those products that contain harmful chemicals. Think about it. They used vinegar, baking soda, etc. to make their homes spic and span. Well, the chemicals in our cleaning products are a bit more sophisticated than that but they too are environmentally safe. We share the commitment that many people around the world are making to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. With our office support services in Inland Empire we consider the safety and health of our workers and yours. Here are some reason that green cleaning matters for your office, your workers and our planet.

  • Green cleaning creates a healthier office place: Green cleaning products reduce your staff and clients exposure to harmful chemicals. This means that dangerous chemical residues are less likely to negatively affect the health of the people who work in and who visit your office.
  • Green cleaning leaves fewer strong odors: Conventional cleaning agents often leave strong chemical smells that can trigger headaches, allergic reactions, etc. This can make for a very unpleasant workplace environment. Most green products use natural ingredients that are less likely to give off unpleasant scents.cleaning service
  • Green cleaning products help the environment: Green cleaning products are formulated with ingredients that are natural, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. This means that they break down quickly and safely in the environment. In contrast, most conventional cleaning products linger in the environment and cause harm to the earth’s eco-systems.
  • Green cleaning products are less risky: Conventional cleaning products often come with all kinds of warnings for potential chemical burns, etc. This creates potential risks for your office personnel and our workers. On the other hand, our cleaning products are mainly made of gentle ingredients that are people-friendly.
  • Green products make cleaning less complicated: With conventional cleaning agents a whole cocktail of different products is often needed to do the simplest chore. This increases the chances that toxic chemicals will enter the environment and linger around your office. On the other hand, green cleaning products can often be used in multiple applications.

In short, green cleaning agents can be every bit as effective as conventional cleaning agents. That is why our office cleaning in Riverside, CA has made the commitment to use chemicals that do not burden our already overstressed environment. This commitment makes sense, is the right thing to do, and helps you, your employees and the planet.