There is a well known saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, this applies as much to building maintenance as it does to medicine. Taking care of small maintenance and cleaning problems before they erupt into bigger ones is a challenge that many large businesses face. That is why it is best for companies to employ day porter services. What is a day porter? A day porter is like a fixer of sorts. A day porter keeps facilities clean and in good repair. Day porters spare business owners from having to undertake massive cleaning and maintenance projects down the road by performing these tasks on a regular basis throughout the day. Typically day porter services provide:

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias and patios
  • Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  • Product replacement in high-traffic areas
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Meeting setup/tear down

So, as you can see most businesses would benefit from day porter services in Riverside, CA and in other parts of the country. Day porter services can serve as an invaluable tool to help you maintain a safe, clean workplace for your employees and a pleasant meeting place for clients and visitors. The other reasons that day porter services are invaluable are:

  • They help maintain high traffic areas like the restroom and cafeteria
  • They help your company stay in compliance with health regulations
  • They help maintain the appearance of businesses that are open 24-hours a dayday porter
  • They can help maintain public spaces as well. Daytime porter services can help maintain public spaces such as museums, transportation stations and malls, etc. These areas are especially susceptible to wear and tear.
  • They help you maintain the image your company has fought to maintain

So how do you know which right day porter services to engage? This is not always an easy task as day porters wield a great amount of responsibility. We suggest you make your decision based on the following criteria – experience, knowledge and skills about different cleaning and maintenance issues, possession of the proper licenses and insurance and a list of satisfied customers. Our company stands ready to meet these requirements and we also perform many others services for businesses such as post construction cleaning in Riverside, CA.