When we buy cleaning products for our homes or when we hire others to use them to clean our places of business, we expect them to do one thing – clean! Unfortunately, as we have pointed out in the past on this blog, most commercial cleaners are literally a toxic stew. They contain chemicals that not only contribute to indoor air pollution, they also damage our environment as a whole and can be harmful when inhaled or touched. This is why our commercial janitorial services in Riverside use environmentally friendly agents to clean and sanitize your workplace. We know that you are concerned with the effect certain cleaning agents have on our environment and on the health of your workers. If you want to know how non-environmentally safe cleaning chemicals can affect you and the environment we all share read on.

The Environment

Our environment faces enough natural forces like hurricanes, storms, etc., without needing to be further stressed by mankind and the chemicals we use. Here are some of the ways certain cleaning chemicals can damage the ecosystem.

  • Increased greenhouse gasses: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause a detrimental effect on the environment accelerating global climate change. VOC are any compound of carbon that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions. They are present in many air fresheners and household cleaning products and include phosphorous (which constitutes about 30% to 40% percent of dishwasher detergents), nitrogen, and ammonia.
  • Packaging: Many household cleaning products have plastic packaging which ends up in landfills. Plastic takes centuries to degrade.
  • Toxic chemical release: The chemicals flushed down toilets, sinks, dishwashers, etc., eventually can end up in rivers and lakes. This is despite the fact that they are intercepted by waste water treatment facilities along the way. They can still cause a buildup of certain chemicals that can negatively impact wildlife and plant growth.chemicals

Your Health

According to the American Lung Association, VOCs can contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches. This is not to mention the damage that certain chemicals can cause to the skin and eyes. Moreover, certain cleaning chemicals can actually be explosive when mixed together e.g. ammonia/bleach. The safest way to avoid exposure to these kinds of chemicals is to use eco-friendly products and to follow the labeling on all cleaning products. Our professionals are trained to handle cleaning products and to use solutions that are safe for them, your office and the environment. We have services such as post construction cleaning in Riverside, CA as well as day porter services, clean room cleaning, floor refinishing, stripping, waxing and sealing and more.