Picture this: You walk into a retail store or other business for the first time and see that the carpets are stained and dirty, the windows unwashed and debris strewn about in a random fashion. Now imagine saying to yourself, “This looks like a fine place to do business.” Well, even though the first part of this scenario happens all time, most people are very unlikely to desire to do business with such an establishment. If this sounds like your place of business then you should seriously consider our services which include commercial carpet cleaning Riverside, CA. Here are reasons having a tidy office or retail space can contribute to your sales.

  • Clean office or retail spaces contribute to the overall customer experience: Customers are much more likely to buy from you if their overall experience with you was a positive one. Untidy retail spaces create negative shopping experiences and can cause you to lose customers – permanently.
  • First impressions can lead to a sale: First impressions are a critical part of creating a positive experience for customers. This is especially true if you a startup.
  • Prevents shutdowns due to health code violations: Your business can hardly do any sales if it has been closed down due to health violations. Additionally, having a dirty store can present you with legal problems which could cut into your sales/profits.

Things you can do to Create an Enjoyable Shopping Experience for Customers

Clean windows and door fronts: Your door and windows are one of the first things customers see when entering your establishment. If they are dirty, they will leave clients with a bad impression or worse still cause them to turn away.

Have fresh floors: Having dirty floors can make customer assume things about you business that you do not wish them to assume. They may assume that your products or services are equally undesirable. Remedy this by using our commercial steam extraction in Riverside.


Improve air quality: Unpleasant aromas are a turnoff for all of us. Make sure that you improve the air quality of your establishment by cleaning your air conditioning system filters and by have your carpets steam cleaned. This will prevent unpleasant smells and keep airborne pathogens from spreading.

To recap, by having your establishment professionally cleaned you can improve customer experience and create a workplace that will motivate your employees to be more productive.