“Any job worth doing is a job worth doing well.” Unfortunately, this popular saying is not the policy of some cleaning companies. Companies like these feel they can get by with doing the bare minimum needed to stay in business. However, eventually business owners get tired of paying for inadequate office cleaning services and have to start the search for a more responsive company all over again. Well, we at Executive Services know the problems that inadequate cleaning services can cause your business, workers and the public. If you encounter the following problems with your current cleaning company you should seriously consider firing them and hiring us.

  • Worker productivity drops: As we’ve stated before on this blog, a clean office greatly affects worker productivity. And now a new study by Florida State University concludes that a dirty work place even can have long-term cognitive effects on workers.
  • They spend as little time in your office as possible: No quality office cleaning service can go over your office quickly and still do thorough job. We believe that a reliable office service should spend as much time as needed to perform all the required tasks around your office. If your office cleaning service seems to be performing their tasks at warp speed it may be an indication that they are negligent in their duties.
  • Parts of your office are still dirty after the cleaning service has left: Are the garbage cans still filled when the office cleaning service has left? Are the floors still dirt? Is the kitchen still an unsanitary mess? Well, if any of this is true, you are being cheated by your cleaning service. If you see any of these signs then you should contact your cleaning company. If their response is inadequate you should give them the old heave ho.
  • Poor first impressions: A clean office makes a great impression on visitors and clients to your place of work. An untidy office leaves guests with the impression that your business is equally disorganized.
  • Poor customer service: Our inland empire cleaning services knows that the people who do business with us had many other businesses to choose from but chose our instead. That makes us appreciate everyone who we serve. If your cleaning company does not share this belief and is unresponsive when problems arise, you should consider switching to a company that will appreciate your business. office cleaning

Finally, we take our business seriously as you do yours. Our office cleaning in Riverside, CA knows that it takes a great deal effort to meet our customers’ business needs. We are willing to do everything we can to acquire and retain you as a customer and feel that companies that don’t share this philosophy should be given the pink slip.