Flu season is just around the corner. This means millions of work days will be lost due to this irritating and occasionally deadly disease. Don’t wait until the first case appears to strategize how you will prevent its spread in the workplace. Practice these 5 preventive strategies to ward off viruses and reduce the incidence of flu in your office.

  • Educate employees about influenza: Make sure each employee understands his or her role in preventing the spread of flu in the workplace. For example, make sure that employees know about and are able to use their sick days when necessary. Also, be sure they are familiar with, PTO and telecommuting policies.
  • Get the flu shot: According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, only 37% of adults plan to be vaccinated against the flu this season. This means that your workplace could be susceptible to an outbreak simply because this common precaution is not being taken. Encourage employees to have their flu shot. Most health plans cover the cost of vaccination completely.
  • Host a work site flu shot clinic: One way to make it convenient for employees to get their flu shot is to host a work-site flu shot clinic. In addition to inoculating your workplace against the flue, it is also a great way to show employees that you care about their health.
  • Wipe the germs off: Flu viruses can spread like wildfire due to employees coming in contact with the unclean surfaces of keyboards, desktops, etc. Make sure your workers follow best workplace hygiene habits. Wipe down surfaces with sanitary wipes and be sure that plenty of Purell® is handy.
  • Deep clean the office: Have your office cleaned well and often. This includes places you may not think of as being breeding grounds for viruses such as the desk phone, the water fountain, the coffee pot etc. We do deep office cleaning in Riverside, CA as a part of our many duties office.sick

Ultimately, each of us bears some responsibility in preventing the spread of flu. And while no prevention technique is 100% effective, the above tips can help significantly decrease the chance that your office will suffer a loss of productivity caused by this insidious disease. One of the best ways to do this is to maintain a hygienic workplace. We realize that this can be difficult for most people, but we feel that it is necessary for a whole host of reasons. And as one of the leading office cleaning companies in Riverside, CA, we can help you with this tricky but necessary task.