What holiday would be complete without the traditional office party? Every year they bring millions of people together to celebrate the holidays and socialize with co-workers. Unfortunately, any time a large gathering of people come together to celebrate anything there will almost always be a huge mess left behind. That’s where our company shines. Our office building cleaning services in the inland empire is already prepping our teams to handle the aftermath of holiday parties. Are you ready as well? Here are some of the things we do as your office party cleanup crew.

  • Focus on the kitchen: People tend to gather around the food during the holidays. Unfortunately, food preparation areas are a breeding ground for germs and leftover food bits that can attract pests. Therefore, this is one of the primary areas we focus on after the holiday office party has ended. Crumbs and food particles can hide in areas for days and weeks inviting mice, roaches and other critters to take up residence in your office.
  • Carpet cleaning: Unfortunately, where you have people celebrating with drinks you will have spills. Wine stains can be particularly difficult to remove from rugs and carpets. We go over all your flooring to make sure that we restore it to near new condition. We can also remove micro-particles that can become embedded in your carpet causing it to deteriorate over time. We vacuum carpets with equipment using HEPA filters and clean and scrub hard floors.
  • Ceilings & Walls: You would be surprised where dirt and germs can gather in the midst of a holiday party. We work from top to bottom to make sure that stains caused by cigar and cigarette smoke, etc., do not stain your ceilings and walls.

·         Restrooms: There will likely be a lot of traffic to this particular part of your office during the holiday season and we make sure to clean and disinfect it in the aftermath of your holiday celebration. This prevents unseemly odors and communicable germs and viruses from affecting your washrooms.holiday party

  • Scrub your entryway: Areas where you will receive your guests can accumulate dirt, grime and other pollutants. We carefully clean your entrance ways including runners, mats, etc.

Prepare to start the New Year off right by keeping our office cleaning in Riverside, CA in mind when you need to restore your office to near new condition.