If you own a business and have not started an office recycling program then you are way behind the curve. Many, many companies are striving to be good corporate citizens by having a positive impact on the environment. Starting an office recycling program is just one of the many ways this can be done while benefiting employees, the company and customers. Here are some of the benefits of going green that will give you the opportunity to improve the environment you live and benefit in even if it’s in a small way.

  • Protects the environment: Of course, the number one benefit of office recycling programs is that they help to protect our fragile environment. They do so by reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills. Office electronics in particularly can leave a damaging and indelible mark on landfills. Moreover, recycling reduces major types of air and water pollutants.
  • Improved sales: Many companies prefer doing business with businesses that have made a commitment to go green and have followed up on that commitment. In fact, studies show that some companies are even willing to pay a premium to partner with such companies. Eco-friendly companies, like our commercial janitorial services in Riverside take the concept of corporate citizenship seriously.
  • Saves energy: According to the Office of Waste Management, it is often more expensive to create products such as aluminum cans than it is to recycle them. Thus, energy saving can help both businesses and the environment.
  • Creates jobs: According to a study by Stanford University, the recycling industry creates more jobs than does the waste management industry. In our state, for example, for every job in recycling collection eight are created for making the materials that will be recovered.

How to Start an Office Recycling Programrecycle

Now that you have seen some of the many benefits of starting an office recycling program you may be asking yourself if the task is at all difficult. Well, it is not. Here are some steps you should follow to begin your own program.

  • Set goals
  • Encourage participation
  • Train and educate your employees
  • Arrange for the collection and disposal of recyclables

Our company prides itself on using environmentally friendly products and techniques to clean your company. Eventually, perhaps more office cleaning companies in Riverside, CA will begin to share our commitment to the environment.