Recently, a story on NPR revealed that car steering wheels are dirtier and more germ laden than toilet seats. This is because very few people think to clean them at all let alone on a daily basis. Well, the same is true for many items around the office. Some office items are so commonplace that workers neglect to bother cleaning them because it seems to be an unnecessary expenditure of time and effort. Well, this is not true. Disease causing germs can rest on a number of surfaces around the office endangering the health of workers, guests and clients. So, with all being said, here are 5 items around the office that should really be cleaned on a daily basis.

  • Your keyboards: According to a British consumer group, the average keyboard contains more bacteria than the average toilet seat. The group came to this conclusion by swabbing and measuring the germ content of both items. Part of the reason this surface contains so many hidden germs is that people tend to eat at their desk, spill things and even return from the restroom without washing their hand to resume work at their desk.
  • The lunch or break-room sink: Kitchen sinks have an extraordinarily high degree of microorganisms in them. They should be cleaned daily with all-purpose clean, vinegar and anti-microbial solutions. Moreover, the office dishwasher should be cleaned at least weekly as food residue can quickly cause mold, spores and fungi to grow. break room
  • Dishes: Left over sauces, crumbs, etc can quickly attract disease carrying bugs to become common in your workplace which is not only unprofessional but a health hazard as well.
  • The coffee maker: A dirty coffee maker not only makes a bad tasting cup of coffee, it also can also be a hotbed for the growth of germs. Make sure that serving plates, utensils, tumblers, etc., are cleanly on a regular basis to prevent this.
  • Door handles: According to a 2014 story by CBS News, a germy door handle can infect an office within hours. The good news is that this can easily be prevented by simply cleaning door handles with disinfectant wipes on a regular basis. After all, you do not want germs to be the first things to greet visitors to your workplace.

The bottom line is that you should endeavor to always keep a clean office space for visitors, guests and workers. Of all the office cleaning companies in Riverside, CA, we do the most thorough job of cleaning your office to protect the health of all who work or visit there. Our commercial window washing in the inland empire also has services such as day porter, post-construction cleaning etc.