Some people put it off as long as they can. Some people relish doing it. We are referring to spring cleaning. If you own a business then you know how important maintaining a tidy workplace is for the morale of your workers. And since spring is synonymous with cleaning, we thought that we would help you get your office in shipshape condition. Here is our checklist for overhauling your 40-hour-a-week home so that it is clean, safe and morale boosting for your employees and clients.

  • Organize your filing cabinets: Take the papers out of your files, dispose of what you do not need and decide what you will keep. At this point you should also decide what you will recycle and what must be disposed of in a secure manner. And remember, if your file cabinets are disorderly your business will be disorderly as well.
  • Clean out your office drawers: Many people put junk in their drawers at work without even thinking about it. However, de-cluttering this space can be helpful as it gives you extra storage space for important work related items. Throw out or take home personal items that are only taking up space in your drawer and organize whatever is left.
  • Dust and air spray your electronics: Electronic devices can be real dust magnets. Dust can also damage sensitive electronics and introduce germs and allergens into your workplace which can poorly affect the health of your workers, visitors and clients. Take the time to wipe down and spray your keyboard and computer on a regular basis.
  • Cleanse kitchen/lunch area: Clean out the fridge, scrub all appliances, clean cups and cutlery and don’t forget the microwave. Finally, make sure to remind all employees that they bear some responsibility for maintaining a clean and healthy dining environment.
  • Dust, feed and prune your plants: Don’t forget the plants while you are tidying your office for the spring. After all, a green office is a healthy and happy office and plants have been proven to contribute to workplace morale and productivity. Re-pot plants that need it and prune dead leaves from plants.
  • Do general cleaning: Windows, floors, fixtures and many other parts of the office will probably be in need of cleaning especially if they have been neglected all year long. Our office building cleaning services in the Inland Empire can take care of all things large and small in the office. We don’t put things off or forget items as employees may. spring cleaning

Again, having a clean office environment means that you will increase the overall productivity of your office and impress clients and visitors. Our janitorial services in the Inland Empire can handle many of the above tasks and more.