Flies around the workplace leave a bad impression on clients and visitors, pose health risks to workers and are just plain annoying. This is one of the advantages to working in a climate controlled office where the windows are sealed. However, flies and other pests can still manage to enter your workplace and cause a distraction to all visitors and employees of your office. With this in mind, it’s prudent to know what you’re up against and how to deal with the problem decisively. Here are some of our tips for ridding your office of flies and other winged creatures.

  • Keep things tidy: The first line of defense against flies is a properly sanitized environment. Dissuade flies from laying their larvae around the office by making sure that all food and materials upon which they can lay their eggs are removed or destroyed. Make sure that garbage cans are sealed properly and that they are emptied on a regular basis. Our day porter services in Riverside, CA can help your office remain clean and sanitary at all times.
  • Purchase fly traps: UV traps are perfect for capturing and killing flies around the office or home. The work by luring flies with their light (insects can see in the UV spectrum) and them either zapping them as they approach or capturing them in a sticky residue. Just be sure that the traps you purchase are designed for indoor use.
  • Establish a regular pest control schedule: Reach out to your local pest control company and arrange for your office to be serviced regularly to eliminate an existing problem or to prevent one from starting. If you are concerned about poisons around the office, ask them about which insecticides they use and if they are harmful to plants, people, etc. We are one of the commercial cleaning companies Riverside in CA that uses eco-friendly products and techniques to sanitize offices.trash
  • Tend the soil in your office plants: Black flies love to leave their larvae in wet soil. Thus, if you have plants around the office they may be the perfect breeding ground for future fly generations. Keep the soil around your office plants dry by using Perlite or vermiculite in the soil instead of organic materials to keep the soil from being too welcoming to flies. Additionally, Perlite and vermiculite both prevents soil compaction and improves aeration.
  • Getting everyone to participate: Create and implement an office cleaning schedule and let all workers know that they can contribute to keeping the office tidy and insect free.

As you can imagine, it is better to head off a possible infestation than to fight an existing one. By following the above tips you can create a cleaner, safer and more attractive office for workers, visitors and clients.