Cleanroom are very special environments. It is here that special products, devices and machine components are built or assembled that must be kept absolutely sterile. A slip up could result in contamination of the product and indeed the entire Cleanroom environment. This is why it is critical to properly train staff who work in or will be entering the cleanroom. Below are some training tips and best practices that promote the responsibility of each individual operator to make maintain the sterility of the cleanroom.

  • Develop a training plan: Devise a comprehensive program that will teach each employee and how they are expected to conduct themselves in and around the cleanroom. Use a series of training devices such as manuals, videos, hands-on training and visual guides to help get your message across.
  • Structure the curriculum: Include in your training information such as the location of the cleanroom, employee expectations, best practices, the proper attire to be worn, how the specific tools and machines in the cleanroom operate, etc.
  • Design a way to assess your training system: If your training methods cannot be assessed then you will have no idea how effective it was in educating employees. Design quizzes to test the progress of students and give additional guidance where there is a need. Also, consider giving employees a certificate of achievement of some type when the course has been completed.

Cleanroom Do’s & Don’ts

Although what employees do who work in cleanroom vary somewhat depending on the company the following are some general do’s and don’ts that apply across many industries:


Enter only through the ante-room – no shortcuts.

Walk across tacky mat to clean soles of your shoes.

Wear shoe covers.

Wear cleanroom garments (frock or bunny suit).

Wear a bouffant cap & beard cover (if necessary).

Wear gloves (if necessary).

Wipe down any hand or power tools.


Never remove any cleanroom garments.

No unnecessary paper products or paper bags.

No wooden pallets, ladders or wood-handled tools.

No cardboard boxes or packing peanuts.

No pencils or erasers – pens only.

Never bring in unclean or rusty tools.

No Food, No Drink, No Chewing Gum – ever. No excessive or dangling jewelry.

Finally, cleanroom products and protocols must adhere to certain regulations. We understand this and keep this in mind when wiping down your cleanroom. We also provide day porter services in Riverside, CA. Moreover, we are one of the few office cleaning companies in Riverside, CA that uses environmentally safe products and techniques to clean offices.