Can you imagine walking up to a company you are considering using, viewing its outside and noticing that its windows are smeared, smudgy and dirty? It would probably leave a pretty bad impression on you regarding this business. In fact, it would make many of us reconsider whether or not we should use a business that takes so little interest in how it presents itself to the public. Well, this is the impression your business may be making to the public when its windows are dirty or have been improperly cleaned. Here are some of common mistakes that you can avoid when cleaning your own windows.

  • Cleaning on hot, sunny days – While it may seem like the perfect time to clean your windows, it really isn’t. The sun can cause your windows to dry too quickly causing streaks to develop. Moreover, these streaks can be difficult to remove making your windows look as though they had not been cleaned at all. Instead, choose a dry, cloudy day to do your window cleaning.
  • Using the wrong cleaner – The window cleaner you use should be effective at cleaning glass without being too abrasive and causing scratches to form. Moreover, you should also know that some glass cleaners – while effective – may be harmful to the environment. Use eco-friendly formulations when possible.
  • Cleaning only one side – Some people clean only the outside of their windows. Although this is where dust, grime and pollutants form, this is not a good idea. Dirt, dust and other pollutants can and do form on both sides of a window. Take the time to do the job right if you clean your own windows. Clean both sides.
  • Working from the center outward – This method is inefficient and only causes you to work harder as soapy water can run down onto areas that you have already washed. Start washing your windows from the top working yourself down to the bottom.
  • Using the wrong materials: A newspaper and paper towels just won’t cut it when it comes to window cleaning. This is because tiny microfibers in paper can scratch your windows over time. Thus, you should be using microfiber clothes and other materials to help prevent streaking and other damage to your windows. windows

Of course the best way to make sure that your business makes a positive impression on the public is to make sure that your windows and all parts of your business are clean and presentable. You can do this by hiring commercial window cleaning services Riverside, CA. We can eliminate this task freeing up staff so that they can perform more valuable duties around the office. Moreover, we use natural, eco-friendly products with our office cleaning and commercial steam extraction in Riverside. Thus, we make sure that a clean office does not come at the cost of the environment and the health of your clients, guests and workers.