One of the most time-honored ways to close the year out is to hold an office party. However, anyone who has ever worked in an office knows how much work it can take to clean up afterwards. That is why it is best to hire professionals to pick up after your holiday shindig. But, as an employer you can also do a great many things to tidy things up in the after math of your office’s year end celebration. With all this said, allow us to offer you these tips for managing the after-party (and before-party) cleanup process.

  • Establish rules: First of all, we recommend establishing a committee that will be responsible for all aspects of your party from planning it, to decorating it to setting rules for how the attendees will conduct themselves. Also, we advise that you do other things to reduce the mess that such events cause such as (1) place large trash cans in common areas, (2) use mats to protect carpets from stains, (3) let all employees know they responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Keep common cleaning supplies on hand: Keep cleaners, deodorizers, towels, napkins, etc., on hand so that employees are able to do spot cleaning during and after the party. Supplies like this are usually quite inexpensive and easy to store and can come in handily during holiday celebrations.
  • Focus on the kitchen/break room: The kitchen/break room is a hotspot during holiday celebrations. Make sure that you clean and deodorize your break room/kitchen area prior to the party and also afterwards. If you do not you may receive a visit from post-party visitors such as insects. holiday party
  • Spot clean stains and spills immediately: The faster you work to clean up spills during a party the easier it will be to prevent it from setting. Wine, for example, can become nearly impossible to remove from carpets once it has been allowed to set in.
  • Let the professionals handle the job: As we said in the beginning, the easiest way to handle your post holiday party cleanup is to let the professionals do it. We have special equipment that can clean and sanitize your office in places that you may not even consider looking.

If you need any more cleaning tips, feel free to browse the rest of our blog. We offer a variety of cleaning services including day porter services in Riverside, CA. Moreover, we are one of the few commercial cleaning companies in Riverside, CA, that uses environmentally friendly practices and products to clean offices and protect the health and well-booing of your employees and our fragile planet.