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Executive Services can provide the following services for your facility:

commercial janitorial services - Janitorial services

Janitorial services

commercial janitorial services - Commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial janitorial services-Office support services

Office Support Services


To ensure optimum performance, Executive Services invests substantial resources in time management, research / development and employee training.  The result is a five step service program that is effective, efficient, and most importantly gives you the results you expect.



1.  PERSONALIZED SERVICE We are in the people business. Maintaining personal service means we are

there when you need us. Great service is not an accident – it is the result of detailed planning and attention to your needs. Our experience and ability to recognize your cornerstone of our commitment to provide you with personal service.. Personal Service with attention to details …      

2.  RESPONSIVENESS Our ability to respond to an emergency or a question is handled the same way – immediately. We recognize that response is paramount to our service capability and we take pride in the fact that we have built our business around being responsive to our clients needs..

3.  COST EFFICIENT Delivering a high quality service at a reasonable cost is what it’s all about in today’s highly competitive market. Executive Services has not only met this challenge, we continue to overcome it. Always an innovator, we were one of the first to introduce video training, wage premiums for meeting higher production goals, employee incentive programs and more efficient methods to increase productivity. With over 20 years of experience, we continue to refine our services to insure our clients receive the highest quality service available at an affordable price.

4.  TRAINED AND SUPERVISED PERSONNEL The heart of any organization lies within its people. In our industry, too often low paid workers result in untrained and unsupervised Benefits-02workers. You may have experienced that in other service companies. Executive Services has a different and often unique attitude about our personnel. We consider or employees our most valued asset. Our compensation package has resulted in exceptional performance and improved productivity. We recognize that properly well-maintained facilities for our clients.. Trained  …  Supervised  RESULTS:  Positive productive employees service your facility.

5.  ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE CHEMICALS As a locally owned firm our children live and play in the same community as yours. We have always been committed to using environmentally safe chemicals in our company. Even before it was popular we practiced a company policy of being a responsible corporate partner to the community we serve – yours and ours. You that protecting the environment is as important to you as it is to us.. Educated in the proper and  Safe use of all chemicals …

6.  EMPLOYEE INVESTMENT EFS, Inc. utilizes ONLY W-2 EMPLOYEES to perform all of the janitorial and building maintenance services that our clients ask of us. EFS, Inc. DOES NOT use independent contractors and is NOT franchised organization. We also strongly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Thus, all of our employees are offered health insurance, retirement benefits, and competitive wages to ensure that we maintain a quality work force and low employee turnover.


As a service driven organization our primary strengths are Leadership and Experience.  Managing to be both productive and innovative takes a team effort by the people leading the organization. Based in Riverside, California Executive Services is fortunate to have an experienced and proven management team.  Our goal is to simply save you money without sacrificing service or quality.  We offer a complete service system that encompasses all of your facility needs under one umbrella.  Our professional staff members are all uniformed and trained on each new account to ensure that we do not fall under the level of service that we guarantee our clients. We offer you friendly service, outstanding quality, and communication that is second to none.  We pride ourselves on being a progressive company and taking a proactive role when it comes to our environment and our employees.  By ensuring that we use the safest cleaning products and materials available, we will not only keep your work environment clean, but our planet safe as well.  We offer all of our employee’s part-time benefits and a living wage to ensure that we maintain a quality staff and low turnover. It is our policy to ensure that each client from the smallest to the largest receives the highest quality service available.  The bottom line… We simply do the job right the first time. “I guarantee it”


  Mr. Ferraro began his career in the service industry in 1984 with a national transportation company.  During his career, Jim has held positions of responsibility including Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.   Jim’s current responsibilities include new business development, customer relations, operational services and strategic planning for a jferraroExecutive Services.  He oversees all aspects of day to day operations, customer service, safety, employee hiring, training, and staff development.   Jim attended the Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  He has more recently attended the University of Phoenix where he completed his MBA degree. Jim continues to further his education on effective management, training and communication skills, labor relations, non-union management, media communication and other related topics.


  Christian joined Executive Services as a full-time employee in January 2016 after graduating with a BS degree in Finance from Chico State University. During is four years in college Christian worked for Executive Services each summer learning the business from the ground up. Christian has performed nightly cleaning services, carpet and hard floor services and window cleaning. Christian continues to expand his knowledge of the janitorial industry via his ongoing management of the Riverside location and will be working with the Inland Empire clients.


Prior to joining EFS, Inc. in January 2021, Chelsea Storm-Larsen was director of organizational engagement for corporate affairs with Sharecare, Inc. In that role, she managed more than 25 worksites to ensure that all team members understood and complied with the organization’s policies and procedures. She graduated with Honors of Distinction from California State University, Monterey Bay with a bachelor’s in collaborative health and human services and went on to earn her master’s in public administration at California State University, Dominguez Hills.


  Mr. Borboa serves as the Operations Manager in the Ventura County market.  Martin is responsible for the supervision of our Operations and Quality Control Departments for our Ventura County area clients.  Martin has been in the janitorial industry for over 25 years and has worked throughout Southern California supervising both day-porter and janitorial services.His primary responsibilities include safety, supply inventory management, quality control, equipment maintenance, employee training, site inspections, disinfecting training and services, and COVID-19 onsite evaluations.


Robert joined EFS, Inc. in 2022 and brought with him over 20 years of experience that he has within the janitorial and building maintenance industry. Robert has applied his experience and expertise to each employee in the area to further improve our service and client relations. His primary responsibilities include safety, supply inventory management, quality control, equipment maintenance, employee training, site inspections, disinfecting training and services.


Francisco joined EFF, Inc. in 2021 but brings with him 10 years of experience managing large janitorial teams for Commercial Cleaning Services. Francisco has learned from the ground up in the building and janitorial maintenance industry, and has put that experience to good use with existing EFS, Inc. employees.  Francisco has continued to learn EFS, Inc’s business, while bringing his expertise in management to our existing employees.


  Ms. Blake brings over 20 years of financial information processing and reporting to the organization. Debbie is accountable for all the financial responsibilities of the organization including accounts payable and accounts receivable, employee payroll and monthly financial reporting and corporate tax reporting. Debbie has earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and has worked in both the private and public accounting sector. Debbie is a very outgoing, sociable person with the highest level of professional integrity. She is also very active within the local community and involved in many different organizations.


RJ Storm-Larsen joined EFS, Inc. in January 2017 and worked alongside the company’s janitorial, disinfecting, and floor service teams to develop a thorough working knowledge of operations. Today, he serves as director of business development. RJ graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay with a bachelor’s in science and went on to earn a master’s in business administration from the same university. He continues to take a hands-on approach to hone his skills and expand his knowledge of the industry via his ongoing involvement with staff and clients.


INSURANCE – Executive Services carries full General Liability Insurance and Automobile Insurance for all Company owned vehicles. Upon request we will provide evidence of insurance for your files. American States Insurance Company is our General Liability Insurance and Mercury Casualty Company is our Commercial Auto insurance carrier.

WORKERS COMPENSATION – All employees are fully covered by workers compensation insurance as required by law. Upon coverage.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS (MSDS) – All chemicals used in our operations are reviewed for ease of application, cost effectiveness, and most importantly safety of our employees. Employees are trained on the proper use of all chemicals and all products used have MSDS sheets as required by law.

PAYMENT TERMS – In order to keep maintaining our competitive pricing all billing is billed at the beginning of the month for that months service. Terms are Net 30 with discount of 1% net 10. Interest is charged at 1.5% monthly on the outstanding balance on accounts over 30 days.

ACCESS KEYS – We require three sets of keys to all areas we need to access to perform our services. One set is for our regular work crew assigned to your account, one set is for the supervisor assigned to your account, and one set is for our office. We do not wish to make duplicate keys. For your security, we ask that you provide all keys necessary to perform our tasks.

EXTRA SERVICES – If needed, we are happy to provide services beyond the contract specifications. Any time a request for extra work is required we will always provide a quote prior to commencing any extra work to insure this has proper approval.


Additional facility services available upon request

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