Keurigs have become as common around offices as fax machines, keyboards and printers. That’s because there is nothing like starting the day off with a fresh, delicious tasting cup of coffee. But just as with other machines around the office, Keurigs must be cleaned and maintained and a good cup of coffee is only as good as your Keurig is clean. So, instead of overlooking your Keurig when cleaning the other parts of your workplace kitchen, follow these steps to make a better tasting cup of coffee.

What You’ll Need

First you will need the right equipment to do a careful job. In order to clean your Keurig thoroughly you will need:

  • A microfiber cloth
  • Dish liquid or mild detergent,
  • Pin or toothpick,
  • Soft bristle brush,
  • Vinegar,
  • Hot water

Step 1: Wash and wipe the reservoir and other removable parts

For your convenience, Keurigs have been designed to be disassembled relatively easily. Start by unplugging your Keurig so that you do not risk damaging the unit (or yourself). Then remove all detachable components including the water reservoirs, drip tray, K-cup holder, etc. Then, wash each component out thoroughly using a mild detergent and warm/hot water. Finally, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the exterior of your Keurig while the smaller pieces are drying. The exterior of a coffee machine can accumulate a lot of dust, grease and grime which can be transmitted to other areas of the kitchen and office.

Step 2: Clean all the crevices

It can be easy to miss the nooks and crannies in common devices like keyboards, microwaves and of course Keurigs. However, germs, molds and fungi only need small areas in which to breed. Clean all around the K-Cup holder’s housing with a brush scraping out coffee residue. You may also wish to use a pin, toothbrush or other small device to reach places where the brush cannot. Use this smaller device to mine out left over coffee grounds, etc.

Step 3: Run through with vinegarkeurig

Some of the components of your Keurig may be out of your reach or may not be subject to disassembling. Run vinegar over these parts as it acts as a mild antiseptic. (However, it alone does not kill all germs.) Finally, wash the vinegar out with water since you do not want the taste ruining your coffee.

Step 4: Reassemble all parts

Finally, reassemble all parts after they have thoroughly dried out. Bonus tips: Replace your filter cartridge regularly.

In short, Keurigs require regular cleaning just as your entire office does. Our day porter services in Riverside, CA can take care of the mundane but necessary task associated with keeping a clean and hygienic workplace. We are one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Riverside, CA. Moreover, the products we use are environmentally friendly.