Just about every business owner faces the problem of what to do with old, worn office furniture at some point. Old, obsolete furniture can not only take away from the appearance of your workplace, it can also be a breeding ground for dust mites, germs and other microorganisms. Here we outline some of the solutions for disposing of your old office furniture that will help beautify your office and help the workflow run smoother.

  • Sell it: With a little research you can turn your old, obsolete furniture into cash. There are many third-party companies that will remove your furnishings and pay you for your excess inventory. Or you can sell your furniture on sites like Craigslist, EBay, etc. Another way some businesses handle excess furnishings is to sell their items on a consignment basis. Consignment is a way of assigning someone else the task of actually selling your items. After the sell, you can then claim a percentage of the price the item sold for. This way you will get a return on your investment and at the same time help someone else fulfill their business requirements. Just be sure to state whether or not the furniture is damaged or just needs to be cleaned.
  • Make a charitable donation: Want to help a local charity and at the same time claim a tax write-off for your company? Try donating your furniture. Companies that donate their used furnishings to charity end up helping schools, smaller business and the community in general. Moreover, by donating your used furniture to local charities you are helping to keep these items out of your local landfill.
  • Recycle it: You can avoid sending broken furniture to the landfill or spending valuable resources having it repaired by seeking out a recycling company. Some parts of your old furniture – such as the metals, plastics, and timber that it is made of – may be able to be reprocessed and turned into a new, useful item.
  • Trash it: As a final resort you may also wish to simply have it hauled away as junk. If you are concerned about what will be done with your furniture and what impact it will have on the environment – and you should be – then you should carefully screen the salvage company you are considering using. office furniture
  • Have it cleaned: If your old furniture is still functional but is simply collecting dust, Executive Services can deep clean it for you. We use eco-friendly chemicals and processes and can make your furnishing look nearly brand new.

Getting rid of old furniture can come with a unique set of headaches and expenses. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary. Doing so will help you create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional workplace. We can also help your business. We are one of the few commercial cleaning companies Riverside, CA that uses products and techniques that do not harm the environment. Our janitorial services in the inland empire are thorough and affordable.