It would seem to be an almost impossible task. After all, allergens are small, microscopic organisms that are often too small to be seen by the naked eye. However, they can cause severe reactions in people who are sensitive to them. This is why every business should strive to make the workplace as allergy free as possible. Here are some of our suggestions for doing that and at the same time making the office more comfortable and hygienic.

  • Use an air purifier: Air purifiers can greatly reduce the dust particles, allergens, mold spores and pollen that are present in the workplace. Therefore, they can be especially useful in protecting people who are more susceptible than others to hay fever and other conditions.
  • Have your carpets cleaned: Carpets can be a perfect resting place for mold and allergens that can make your workers sick. Fortunately, our day porter services in Riverside, CA include carpet cleaning that uses HEPA filters to trap and eliminate contagions on a microscopic level before they become airborne.
  • Clean your keyboards: Because of their many crevices and spaces, computer keyboards are the perfect place for dust mites to hide as well as bacteria from fingers and even pollen. You can eliminate these as a hiding place for contagions by using keyboard covers and by cleaning them on a regular basis.
  • Clear the clutter: Old furniture and electronics can also be resting places for dust, mold, pollen, etc. Go over your office inventory and get rid of old chairs, keyboards, etc. that you no longer need. Also, start a recycling program so that you have a way to get rid of paperwork that may accumulate and contribute to the problem.keyboard
  • Keep the office fragrance free: Strong odors are not only a distraction in the workplace they can also cause an allergic reaction in some people. Therefore, you should encourage workers to abstain from using too much cologne or perfume.

Sneezing, wheezing, coughing and runny or itchy eyes can make it difficult for workers to get through the day. It can also lead to increased sick days. Increased sickbays means causes business to lose money. By reducing allergens in your workplace you can help make it a place that is more productive. Office cleaning companies in Riverside CA like ours can help by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in your business. We can eliminate this tedium and in the process help your clients, guests and employees breathe easier during this allergy season.