Dirt and germs can be quite resourceful. And as odd a thing as they may be to say, it is very true. Dirt, germs, dust, can hide anywhere in your office. This is especially true if the people you hire to clean your office are not thorough. Here are some more things and places that most businesses forget to clean on a regular basis.

  • Furniture and upholstery: Upholstered furnishings can be a literal dirt magnet. And unfortunately some commercial cleaning companies in Riverside, CA handle dirty furniture by brushing them off lightly and turning over their cushions. This is not an acceptable practice to us. We know that harmful germs can and do still live underneath what can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Behind printers and copy machines: Printers and copiers can produce a lot of minuscule particles such as toner dust. Moreover, electronic devices in general tend to be huge dust magnets.
  • Vents: Dirty vents and clogged cooling systems can cause dust, allergens and other particles to distribute themselves throughout your workplace. These micro-particles can cause symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, coughing etc.
  • Ceiling fan blades: Ceiling fans are often an efficient and relatively inexpensive way to cool off indoor spaces. However, the can also attract and distribute dust and dirt throughout the office. Additionally, dirty ceiling fans can make a poor impression of your business on visitors/clients.
  • Plants: Yes, plants can make our offices seem brighter and more livable. However, both artificial and real plants need to be cleaned from time to time. They too collect dust, mold, etc.
  • Light fixtures: Light is a natural magnet for insects since they see in the ultraviolet spectrum unlike us humans. This means that there are almost certainly dead bugs hiding in the light fixtures around your office. Yuck!
  • Office kitchen: There is a battery of studies that conclude that the kitchen sink and other areas of the kitchen are indeed dirtier and more germ-filled than the toilet. Thus, you need to make sure to hire someone who will regularly go over places like behind the fridge, the microwave, the walls etc.vents

In short, if you are concerned with the appearance of your office, then you should only hire a company that pays attention of the smallest details. Our company will give you a quote for your building maintenance and cleaning needs so that you can have a happier and healthier workplace for you and your clients. Additionally, other office cleaning companies in Riverside, CA use harsh chemical cleaners; we use green products and cleaning techniques to protect the environment.