We value the relationship we have with our customers. Some companies do not. It is that simple. We know that our customers trust us to keep their place of business well maintained. That is why we recognize that sometimes businesses arrive at a point where the relationship they have with their cleaning service no longer works. We’ve found over the years that the top reasons that most companies break up with their cleaning companies are:

  • A failure to communicate effectively: Clear and effective communications is essential in any client-customer relationship. Otherwise, client’s needs are not met and companies are in the dark as to what exactly is expected of them. This lack of communications can understandably lead to clients feeling ignored or taken for granted. At Exec Services we work to keep the channels of communication open between our company and our clients.
  • Failing to provide a wide spectrum of services: It is far more efficient to hire one company that offers a wide spectrum of services than it is to hire several companies that each specialize in one particular area. It also helps the lines of communications stay open when there are relatively few contact persons with whom to interact. Thus, we are proud to offer a variety of services from day porter services Riverside, CA to clean room maintenance to post construction cleanup for our customers. cleaning
  • Misleading the customer about the work that has been done: A lie is a poor way to start or maintain a relationship. Some cleaning companies hire employees who take short cuts when cleaning offices and then lie to clients about that work. This should never be the case. When we start out to do a job we do it all the way and are upfront about the services we have provided.
  • Not being upfront with pricing: Ethical commercial cleaning companies are upfront about all the costs involved with their services. If businesses are not given this information then they cannot budget correctly and will encounter unwanted expenses. We strive to be upfront with all our pricing.

In short, the best way to achieve customer satisfaction is for commercial cleaning services to commit themselves to excellent service and to open communications. Our inland empire cleaning services does this every day. We hope that you will give our company a try.