The necessity of having your carpets professionally cleaned during the winter is probably pretty obvious to most business owners. All throughout the fall and winter visitors, clients and employees can track mud, snow and slush all over your clean carpets. However, there are several reasons carpets should be professionally cleaned all throughout the year, not just during the fall and winter. Let’s take a look at 5 of these reasons.

  • Prolongs life: Regular carpet cleaning helps to extend the life of a pretty significant investment in your business. When you ignore stains, spills and other kinds of damage to your carpet, you are essentially shortening the life of your investment and potentially incurring the cost of replacing the carpet sooner than it should be replaced. Professionals have the equipment and cleaning formulations to keep this huge part of your business remaining vibrant for years.
  • Improves air quality: Carpets act as magnets that trap pollutants mold spores, dust, dirt, and pesticides. These contaminants can contribute to poor air quality in your office. Moreover, a cursory cleaning by amateurs is often not enough to truly root out these microscopic menaces. Our HEPA vacuum cleaning services in Riverside use equipment that can remove the smallest particles from your carpet, trapping them in our special filters. This will lead to improved air quality and more comfortable conditions for visitors, clients and employees.
  • Enhances appearance: Few things make a more favorable impression on visitors and clients than a clean, orderly office. Dingy or dirty carpet gives visitors to your office the impression that your business is disorderly and that its practices are the same. carpet
  • Saves money: Regularly having professionals clean your carpets is more cost effective than replacing your carpet which involves buying a new carpet, having it installed, etc.
  • Other seasons produce conditions that stain and damage carpets: Winter is a rough time for carpets as we have already stated. However, your carpet needs to be protected all year round from mud, rain, leaves and other debris that visitors can track in during the non-winter months. By having someone do so regularly, your office will maintain its professional appearance 24/7/365.

Finally, if all these reasons to have your carpet professionally cleaned all year round are not enough just remember this – a clean office is simply healthier and more pleasant to work in. And of the many commercial cleaning companies in Riverside, CA we can stay on top of tasks that take away from your time to maintain and grow your business.