One of the most important things you can do to increase workplace productivity is to organize and clean your office. Unfortunately, some of us are so busy that we neglect to pick up after ourselves at work. That is why many people hire services like our day porter services Riverside, CA. However, did you know that keeping a well organized office does not have to be a massive undertaking? You can keep your office neat, tidy and efficient a little at a time. So, if you’re ready to get started, the following 5 tips will help you better organize your office and in the process transform it into a more efficient workspace.

  • Purge your office: Just as is the case with our homes, there are probably plenty of items in the work place that a business can do without. Look around. Are there some items that you haven’t used for ages? If you can’t repair the item, then consider ditching it. You can do so by donating, recycling or selling your unused office items.
  • Minimize paper waste: Paper creates a great deal of clutter in many offices. The worst offenders are snail mail, bills, magazines, and other paper products. Consider an audit of the paper items in your office then considering shredding some of these items especially those that contain sensitive information. You should also consider digitizing your paper records.
  • Capitalize on wall space: Many people overlook wall space when they are designing their work area. However, people who work in cubicles and other small work areas in particular should consider utilizing this often ignored space. Items that can be stored on the wall or partition of your cubicle include: pegboards, dry-erase boards, calendars, wire paper trays, etc.
  • Revise your filing system: Even though we are well into the digital age, there is still a need to store some hard copies of documents in most offices. Take the time to go over your filing system and look for places where improvement can be made. Is there much replication? Are you keeping old, obsolete records? Do you need more storage containers? Whatever can’t be put onto a drive, organize it and make it more efficient.
  • Store files offsite: You should also consider storing some files offsite if your storage space seems to be shrinking. Find a reliable company you can trust and transfer these files.

I hope that you enjoyed this list of 5 office organization ideas. If you have any questions or comments contact Exec Services. Feel free to suggest any other way you can think of to better organize office space. Also, consider our service before seeking out other office cleaning companies Riverside, CA. We are fast, efficient and we offer a wide range of services.