On this blog we’ve often listed the many ways a clean office place helps keep your company efficient, and your employees happy, healthy and safe. We have talked about how visitors to your workplace appreciate a clean, sanitary environment. But what we have not talked about much is how one group of guests to your business loves a messy office – pests. Where we see tiny crumbs and small spills, four and six legged critters see a feast. Our office cleaning in Riverside, CA can help to reduce the appearance of unsanitary, unsightly vermin that may endanger your company’s image as well as its employees and guests. Check out these 5 tips for keeping your workplace pest-free.

  • Handle food waste correctly: As we’ve indicated, what amounts to few crumbs for us is a banquet for insects such as ants, cockroaches, etc. Make sure that your employees know to dispose of food waste in sturdy bins that have lids covering them. Never leave loose food around the outside of the bin. Finally, make sure that spilled liquids, especially ones that contain sugar, are cleaned up immediately
  • Maintain cleanliness: In addition to hiring the services of a professional cleaning company like ours, be sure that employees are told to wash dishes, pick up after themselves, and to clean their desks of clutter.
  • Remove water sources: Mice, rats, and squirrels will show up at your workplace if they sense that water is easily accessible. Make sure to have leaky faucets, pipes etc. repaired in order to keep pest from making your office the local watering hole.clean office
  • Seal cracks and holes: Small animals and insects can easily enter even the smallest crack or hole. Make sure that these entry points are properly sealed to prevent this and to better insulate your office.
  • Hire an exterminator: At the first sign of infestation, be sure to hire a reliable pest control company to combat pests at the source. Make sure that the company you hire is reliable, effective and discreet.

In short, a properly cleaned office means that rodents, ants, cockroaches, etc., have no place to hide and nothing to feed upon. It means that these pests never have an opportunity to establish a beachhead in your company. We can help to remove any incentive pests have of entering your office but it is also up to you to maintain clean office habits. We also help with post construction cleaning in Riverside, CA giving our clients one more tool for improving the appearance of their companies.